The 7 Life Changing Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Throughout the process of a full blown spiritual awakening a person will go through up to seven different stages…

It’s starts of fairly simply with a person just asking some new questions of themselves and of the world around them.

But then as a person goes deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole they eventually find themselves having a full blown spiritual awakening. These awakenings can be extremely profound and have many lasting effects on a persons life.

Here are the 7 life changing spiritual awakening stages that a person is likely to experience during the spiritual awakening process.

Stage #1: The thought-provoking event.


It could be a near death experience. It could be the birth of a new child.

It could even be something that on the surface seems quite superficial but that makes you think a bit deeper about certain things.

You get a feeling of wanting to learn more about life beyond the same old scope that you’ve always limited yourself too.

Stage #2: The perception shift.


The more that you start to evaluate your life and your priorities the more you begin to find yourself questioning the status quo and almost everything aroud you.

You start to question many of the choices and decisions that you have made that have led you to where you are in life right now… were they the right choices?

During this stage you may feel discomfort but hold on because a spiritual awakening is coming.

Stage #3: The beginning of a journey.

Mystical Door

At this point you have started to delve fully into researching all aspect of spirituality and have taken the first steps to spiritual enlightenment.

You are learning about yourself and are discovering new things every day. You may feel scared because you can sense that something big is on the verge but you also feel excited too.

Stage #4: Hearing the call.

Spiritual Learning

At this point you begin to truly listen and tune in to the energies of the universe and are able to hear exactly what it is that you are supposed to be doing with your life.

It’s during this stage that you go through a process of self discovery in which you learn great deals about yourself which will set you up for future growth down the road.

Stage #5: Developing one’s spiritual abilities.

Spiritual Knowledge

By this stage you are beginning to feel a very strong connection with the universe and are engaging in many spiritual practices including possibly meditation, yoga or other similar activities on a regular basis.

Stage #6: Mastering one’s spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Gift

It’s during this stage that you truly begin to trust your connection to the spiritual world and are able to gain knowledge will help you in the physical world and to better your life.

Stage #7: Integrating one’s spiritual gifts into reality.

Dreams Into Reality

This is where you take what you have learned from your spiritual journey and apply it to your life to make better choices. You will feel a new lease on life and have a radically new and open minded approach to almost everything that you do.

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